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How healthy are you—spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and physically?

In over two decades in ministry, I’ve noticed this question doesn’t get asked enough. Many believe spiritual leaders always have it together, but the stark reality is, we don’t. A brief Google search reveals unsettling statistics about the state of pastoral wellbeing. High rates of burnout, depression, anxiety, and moral failures underscore the battle at hand. Quoting statistics is one thing, living them is another. Personally, I’ve grappled with extreme burnout, depression, and anxiety. I’ve felt alone and overwhelmed, stretched thin between church commitments and family. I’ve faced transitions and the uncertainty and fear they bring.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because I genuinely care about you, your family, and the people you lead. I’m beyond weary of witnessing leaders falter, families broken, ministries lost and lives being tragically cut short. While the reality may seem bleak, there’s hope. Amidst the challenges of ministry, a path to thriving exists. Let’s find it together!

Mitch McKinney

Founder, Thrive360 Ministries, Inc.


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